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[Video of this waza fast and slow, from the side, and ideally, overhead]

Defense against a hard handshake

  • Tell the opponent to stop.
    • A hard handshake does not constitute assault, so the use of violence is not authorized.
  • If the opponent does not stop once you’ve made it clear that they are hurting you, then they are acting out malice, and the use of violence is authorized.
  • Perform one of the following:
    • Drive the second knuckle of your other hand into, or between, the metacarpal bones of the opponent’s hand.
      • When done well, this can be concealed, and others will think you are very glad to see the opponent.
    • Twist inside with a spearhand strike to the opponent’s eyes.
    • Twist inside with a makkikomi-shutō to the opponent’s throat.
    • Front kick the opponent’s groin.
    • Twist inside with a rising ridgehand strike to the opponent’s elbow.
    • Perform a standing arm bar, ideally from the opponent’s side, to make retaliation difficult.