Heaven-and-Earth throw

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Tenchi-nage, the Heaven-and-Earth throw is an aikidō move, which is primarily used to defend against wrist grabs. The Heaven-and-Earth is one of the softer throws -- in both senses of the term. The landing is far less brutal than most hip throws and their derivatives, and it requires a greater deal of subtle manipulation to properly execute. As always, you must make a point to do everything by the numbers:

  1. Kuzushi (Destroying balance): 7-3 outside, to whatever direction the opponent grabs from, and enter a front stance. (If they have you in a double wrist grab, you can step to either side.) Rotate your arm from the shoulder down in an inside-to-outside circle, tracing part of a cone in the air. Try to touch your knee. This pulls the opponent back and to the side, compromising their balance. (This is the "Earth" part of the throw.)
  2. Tsukuri (Positioning): While performing the “Earth” portion, simultaneously rotate your arm from the shoulder up in an inside-to-outside circle, tracing part of a cone in the air. Extend your opposite-side hand, palm-up towards into the opponent’s face, pushing them back, and splitting their energy. (This is the "Heaven" part of the throw.)
  3. Nage (Throw): Step your rear leg forward, entering the other front stance to occupy the opponent’s space, toppling them. In practice, your partner escapes injury by performing a rear breakfall. Please note that the body-check is the throw; the hands just off-balance the opponent. For best results, reach around the opponent’s back, and try to touch your fingertips; this further off-balances the opponent, and more importantly, it prevents them from regaining their balance.

{video of heaven and earth throw from the front and side fast and slow without a partner. Then, show fast ans slow from the front, side, and rear with a partner.}

Remember to concentrate on the Earth. which is more important than Heaven. Don’t get lost in ponderous questions about ethereal beings when villains walk the Earth before you. While this technique appears to strike opponents down from above, it really pulls them down to the Earth, and drives them back with your commitment to move forward.