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Goshin-Jutsu Karatedō is an American-founded karate style with strong Chinese and aikijutsu influences; it prioritizes self-defense applications over winning competitions and sport-fighting. Goshin-Justu Karatedō focuses on rapidly evading and redirecting attacks, then incapacitating the opponent with punches, kicks, and strikes directed at the weakest parts of their anatomy (i.e., small bones, major joints, and soft tissues.) Goshin-Jutsu Karatedō makes a greater use of joint manipulations and takedowns than most other karate styles.

This site serves as a reference guide for our current and former students, a learning resource for self-defense instructors, and as an attempt to quench the anxiety of those who are considering becoming martial artists. This service is provided free of charge, because ultimately, our techniques belong to whoever needs them the most because true strength is giving others what they need to become strong.

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Concepts The underlying principles and philosophies which form the basis our art. Also includes a glossary overview of protocol.
Ranking An overview of the system's hierarchy and curricula.
Kihon The fundamental skills which comprise the art: stances, evasions, blocks, breakfalls, punches, strikes, kicks, joint manipulations, and takedowns.
Kyūsho The anatomical weak points of the human body.
Kata Formalized solo practice routines.
Waza Preplanned, prearranged simulation training for countering specific attacks and situations.
Kumite Free-sparring conducted in an “alive” manner; i.e., by using spontaneous movements against an actively-resisting partner with no prearranged outcome.
Strategy Synopses of several strategy books are provided to guide the decision making process.