Spearhand strike

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Nukite uchi, the spearhand strike, is designed to cause permanent debilitating injuries, so it must be practiced with the utmost care and attention. For this reason, it is forbidden to use spearhands during kumite. Spearhand strikes are thrown just like a front-foot or reverse punch, but impact is made with the fingertips instead of the seiken.

Goshin-Jutsu, uses two variations of spearhand strikes: two-fingered, and four-fingered.

Two-fingered spearhand strike

Nihon-nukite uchi, the two-fingered spearhand strike, has only two applications -- to pierce the eyes or throat of your opponent. Often, these are thrown with the lead hand as an atemi.

[Photo of a nihon nukite] [video of a nihon nukie from the front and the side]

Four-finger spearhand strike

Yohon-nukite uchi, the four-fingered spearhand strike, is more robust and is used to attack soft tissues, such as the opponent's throat, solar plexus, abdomen, bladder, or armpits.

[Photo of a yohon nukite] [video of a nihon nukie from the front and the side]