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Fumikomi-geri (literally: “stomping kick”) is the infamous curb stomp. Stomp kicks are the hazy fine line between self-defense and murder. The use of stomp kicks must always be seriously contemplated, as there use always invokes serious legal and moral consequences. Stomp kicks are thrown at opponents who are lying prone in front of you, usually as the result of a takedown. At this point, you have a duty to escape; any further attacks to the opponent are illegal and possibly immoral. Further attacks involving vicious techniques, like stomp kicks, are only permissible if:

  • Escape is unlikely. If you are attacked in a remote location, and the closest place of refuge is a considerable distance away, you may need to incapacitate the opponent to ensure they will not chase you.
  • The opponent presents persistent extreme malice and/or mortal danger. If someone is truly intent on harming or killing you -- then they will, unless you stop them. If the opponent continues to make attempts to harm or kill you despite your attempts to resist and escape, then you may be forced to deliver a coup de grâce.

Throwing stomp kicks is a four-point procedure, so be sure to do it by the numbers:

  1. Chambering -- Begin from a fighting or ready stance. Ideally, you will also pull on one of the opponent’s arms, rolling them onto their side to expose the side of their jaw, neck, temple, and floating ribs. Additionally, holding the opponent’s arm gives you another point of contact with the ground, improving your balance, just like the poles in the subways or airport trams. Then, enter a walking or fighting crane stance, as per usual. Again, raise the knee of the kicking leg as high as possible. At minimum, your knee must be higher than your hips (“past parallel”).
  2. Kick -- Drive your foot straight down, striking the opponent with your sokutō or your heel. Arch your back while kicking for additional power and stability.
  3. Re-chambering -- This kick ends in an awkward position. Quickly twist back into a walking or fighting crane stance.
  4. Stepping out -- After kicking, return to a bent-knees attention stance, and slide either leg into whatever stance you chose.

[stomp kick videos, fast and slow, from the front and side.]

Stomp thrust kicks are a popular variation of this technique. Visualize stomping through your opponent’s bones, just like breaking up empty cardboard boxes for recycling.