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[Video of this waza fast and slow, from the side, and ideally, overhead]

Defense against a haymaker or knife slash

  • 7-3 inside with a simultaneous (Kūsankū) outside shutō block and a tate-shutō the neck.
    • Do not stop; this is a transitional movement. The opponent’s forward momentum is needed to complete this waza.
  • Before setting in a stance, grab the opponent’s wrist and neck; tenkan outside while pressing the opponent’s arm down for a takedown.
    • This is a kokyūhō (“breath technique”), because kokyūhō is a catch-all blanket term for takedowns caused by perfectly-timed non-takedown techniques (e.g., tenkan).


Advanced students can perform this technique as a defense against a knife slash, provided that they retain control of the opponent’s hand with a grasping block.