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[Video of this waza fast and slow, from the side, and ideally, overhead]

Defense against a same-side wrist grab

  • Inside ridgehand strike to the opponent's jaw with your free, opposite-side hand. Sharply pull your grabbed hand to your hip via reciprocal action.
  • If your hand breaks free of the opponent’s grip, grab their same side wrist.
    • If not, proceed anyway -- whenever you grab someone, or they grab you, each person will controls the other person’s wrist either way.
  • Palmheel strike to the chest and reap.
    • The chest strike provides additional torque, for a more powerful reap. When confronted, replace the chest press with a hammerfist strike to the same-side collarbone. The chest press is only for training in the dōjō to prevent from injuring your partner.
  • Retain control of the opponent’s arm. Kneel with a reverse punch to the ribs, or apply a joint lock, depending on what the situation requires.