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[Video of this waza fast and slow, from the side, and ideally, overhead]

Defense against a pursuit punch

  • Twist inside with an outside shutō block and a makkikomi-shutō to the opponent's throat.
    • To avoid the risk of trapping your hands, this is not a Kūsankū movement.
  • Same-side grab the opponent’s wrist, and hook your opposite-side hand behind their head. Pull them down in a variant of the inside arm lever.
  • Downward elbow strike to their spine.
  • Grab the back of the opponent’s collar, and hook your closest foot around theirs. As the opponent tries to stand up straight and regain their balance, do not resist. Perform a front exercise kick, using their upward and rearward momentum to take them down with a variant reap.
  • Immobilize the opponent with a shovel pin, and stomp kick.