Irimi hold

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The irimi hold is a useful "come-along" technique for restraining and relocating people. An irimi hold can turn an opponent into a human shield, who can be shoved into another opponent’s path as an atemi. Since the irimi hold is a purely nonviolent technique, it is ethical to use on friends or loved ones, the intoxicated, and/or those who are threatening self-harm. The irimi hold is a “naked technique,” because it does not require grabbing the opponent’s clothes.

An irimi hold requires you to stand behind your opponent. This is typically achieved by setting up an irimi-nage and substituting this hold for the throw. (Thus, the name.) To perform an irimi hold, perform the following items simultaneously:

  • Ensure your sternum remains in contact with the opponent’s upper back.
  • Hook the side of the opponent’s jaw with the back of your hand, and turn their face up and away from you. Pin their cheek to their shoulder.
    • Avoid pulling the opponent’s head straight up and back, because they can escape by turning their head. Head control is established by forcing the opponent to lift and turn their head, and then pinning it down in that awkward position.
  • Drape your other arm over the opponent’s chest, ideally pinning their wrist against your thigh. Pull the opponent’s wrist away from their head; by stretching them out, you will split their energy.
    • the opponent is being uncooperative, pull their wrist back across your chest for a standing arm bar.
  • Take a small step backwards, so the opponent’s shoulders are no longer above their hips. This disrupts the opponent’s balance, so they must lean on you for support, making it easy to forcibly move them backwards or sideways.

However, a picture is worth 1,000 words:

[photo of the irimi-pin from the front and the side]