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Osae-uke, or pressing blocks, are the defensive applications of palm-heel strikes. Pressing blocks are typically used against direct straight-line thrusting style attacks (e.g., straight punches, front kicks, stabs, staff thrusts, or pushing gun barrels aside).

Pressing blocks, like all of our defenses, are performed in tandem with an evasion, usually an outside 7-3. The same-side elbow pushes forward, driving a palm heel that rotates from fingers-down to fingers-up, across the body, parallel to the floor. The reciprocal hand pulls to the hip as the palm heel contacts perpendicular to the oncoming attack, diverting it to the outside.

When done incorrectly, you will push yourself off of the opponent, which can compromise your balance. This is overcome by counter-rotating the hips. By twisting the upper body to the inside as you step outside, the block will drive through the opponent’s technique, instead of pushing off of it.

[Pressing block demonstration]

Downward pressing block