Low-level fighting stance

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Gedan-kobushi-dachi (literally: “low-level-fist stance”), or the low-level fighting stance is an alternative sparring position. All of the rules, conditions, and criterion for fighting stance also apply to low-level fighting stance, except that your lead hand is angled downward, at groin-level, as though you just completed a downward-fist block.

This stance leaves your upper body intentionally exposed, goading the opponent to attack your head. However, opponents can only successfully hurt you by exploiting the openings and flaws in your defense. By intentionally creating an opening, you can then decide when and how the opponent will attack; forcing them to act on your terms, instead of on theirs. While your head appears completely vulnerable, it is completely protected because you are aware that it is open. Since the opponent will become fixated on attacking your head, you only need to worry about defending your head and counterattacking, which can greatly simplify your life.

[photos of gedan-kobushi-dachi from the front and side.]

Since this gambit requires extreme confidence, and a high degree of evasion and blocking skill to succeed, it is typically reserved for advanced students.