Double punch

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Morote-tsuki (literally: “pair of hands punch”) or the double punch, is a valid, but uncommon technique, mostly used as a brutal finishing move with the intent of “sending a message.”

In general, a “double” technique refers to two identical techniques, delivered simultaneously, on the same level, to the same target area.

Double punches which attack different targets at different heights are considered to be mountain punches. Double punches that maintain control over the centerline are Kūsankū movements, which exploit the wedge technique for defense.

[Video of double punches, to the face, solar plexus, and groin; fast and slow; to the front and side]

To prevent off-balancing due to over-rotation during punching, both punches must be timed to finish at the exact same moment. To prevent the punch’s momentum from dragging you off balance, you must be fully committed to stance quality. As such, double punches are typically reserved for advanced students. However, they are often assigned to novice students as a pedagogical tool to help develop their timing and stance quality.