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Gyaku-sukuite (literally: “reverse scooping hand”) is not a striking technique per se, but a striking combination which occurs so frequently within Goshin-Jutsu that it has been assigned a name. Gyaku-sukuite is apparently unique to Goshin-Jutsu Karate, and it hallmarks of our style via its wanton brutality and ignorance of social conventions. To perform a gyaku-sukuite, do the following:

  1. Throw a rising ridgehand strike to the opponent’s groin with your trailing-side hand. Simultaneously pull your leading-side hand across your centerline to the side of your face to swat an opponent’s counterattack aside.
    • The motion is much like reverse punch (gyaku-tsuki); thus the name. Please be aware that our kata directions use the convention of calling a “left gyaku-sukuite” one which uses a left ridgehand strike, and vice-versa.
    • If possible, shift into a front stance to optimize the strike’s power.
  2. Upon making contact, quickly turn your trailing-side hand palm-up, and tightly clench the opponent’s testicles.
  3. Slide your leading-side hand down your trailing-side arm in a horizontal hassō-shutō uchi to the opponent’s bladder.
    • The hassō-shutō‘s reciprocal action painfully pulls on this sensitive appendage. The horrific, scissor-like shearing action can induce additional trauma. If possible, shift into a back stance to augment this effect.

[Gyaku-sukite, fast and slow, from the front and side]

While this technique superficially resembles the rightfully-derided “Monkey Steals the Peach,” a well-polished gyaku-sukuite delivers three attacks in one second, which deserves your respect.