Big circle throw

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The big circle throw is known by many different names, since technique names vary greatly between different aikidō styles. The most apt name is kokyū-nage (literally: “breath throw”), but that is impractical since kokyū-nage is a catch-all term for all forward-projecting takedowns driven more by timing than by physical manipulations. Because timing is so critical, big circle throws are typically reserved for advanced students.

Big circle throws require grabbing and pulling on the opponent’s wrist, or for the opponent to grab and pull on your wrist. Extend your arm and take a lunging step forward, almost to the point of kneeling, and immediately retract your arm and shift back to a fighting stance. Your hand should trace a big, vertical circle in the air (thus, the name). This down-and-back motion redirects the opponent’s forward momentum, sending them tumbling into a dive roll.

[big circle throw from the front and aide]

Please note that big circle throws are ineffective against stationary opponents, because this technique merely redirects momentum.