Nagashi uke

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Nagashi uke (literally: “sweeping-hand block”), the sweeping block is not a block per se; it allowsa karateka to exchange their chance to block for a speed bonus to their outside 7-3. Be aware that this technique compromises the defense-in-depth that comes from combining blocks and evasions. For this reason, sweeping blocks are reserved for advanced students, who should have a high degree of skill and confidence at evasions.

Enter a same-side front or fighting stance, and extend your same-side arm in front of you, parallel to the floor. Hook your hand behind your opponent’s same-side shoulder, then 7-3 to the outside, while simultaneously pulling your hand to your opposite-side shoulder.

[sweeping hand block in the air from the front and the side, fast and slow.]

As you step past your opponent to the outside, you will simultaneously pull your opponent towards you and to the inside, augmenting your 7-3 in all regards.

This is a dynamic move, which makes little sense to practice alone in the air. It is best to practice this with a live partner, or if one is unavailable, you could use a tree, post, column, etc.

[sweeping hand block from the front and the side, fast and slow, against a partner and against a post]